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How do young people get referred to Slide Away?

The Slide Away process:


School is aware that a pupil has been bereaved or is living with a family member who has a life limiting illness.

The School Bereavement Contact provides the family with information about Slide Away.

With the family's permission, the SBC contacts Slide Away, who will record the pupil's details and write to the family to confirm that the referral has been received.

Slide Away contacts the family and the school when there is space available on a workshop or memory day.  

(Please see below for details of the process for pre-bereavement support).

Parents/carers are invited to a morning session approximately two weeks prior to a workshop or memory day.

Parent/carer attends the half day session where arrangements are made to meet with them and their child in school.  Slide Away notify the SBC of the arrangement and requests that a room is made available.

Pupil attends the two day Slide Away workshop or memory day.

Following the workshop, the SBC makes contact with the pupil on their return to school and notifies Slide Away that this contact has been made.

Slide Away highlights any concerns about the pupil with the parent/carer and the SBC. Slide Away will offer, when appropriate, individual therapy/counselling or recommend that the pupil is referred to another agency.

Familes of children requiring pre-bereavement support are contacted immediately and a meeting arranged with the family.

Following a bereavement the child is offered a place at a Slide Away workshop.


How can your school provide support for bereaved pupils?

We asked some of the bereaved young people we have supported. This is what they said:

If I were the head teacher, I would...

“Ask the bereaved students what they would like to help them in schools and if I could do anything for them in particular.”

“Introduce Slide Away to them and their parents.”

“Have a place with a fish pond and somewhere nice to sit and in that area I would have benches and a line of compost where you could plant what you wanted for your special person.”

“Make a quiet area where there’s someone to talk to and a friendship stop if you’re lonely.”

“Give pupils a pass so that they could go to a quiet area when they need to.”

“Have a tree planting space for your special person.”

To find out more………… please ask your pupils!

Slide Away Documentation

To download the Slide Away Toolkit and Factsheets, please click below -

Toolkit Part 2